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Awamori is a distingished spirits

ince the 15th century"Awamori"has been praised for its superior quality, rich and robust flavor. Lovers of"Awamori"were residents of Edo (Tokyo), delegations dispatched from the courts of ancient China and other foreigners who traveled to the Ryukyus.
In 1970, Dr. Kinichiro Sakaguchi of Tokyo University, an authority in the field of zymurgy, contributed an essay entitled ”Be it known that Awamori is a distinguished spirits” the best liquor to the journal "World." In the essay, he praised the Okinawan climate that created "Awamori,"as well as its unique manufacturing process, declaring that "Awamori" is one of the best spirits in the world.

Dr. Sakaguchi's essay brought fame to"Awamori,"fostered by local brewery workers through generations, and attracted the attention of the distillation industry of mainland Japan.

What is "Awamori" ?
Uses Black koji-mold (aspelligus awamori) and is produced in one time adding rice, "koji" (rice cultured with a mold) and water to "moromi" (main mash). Another feature of "Awamori" is that it is made using rice from Thailand (indica).
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