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How to enjoy
@ 1Drink neat/straight: Best for enjoy rich and full-flavored "Awamori ". Customarily served in a small earthenware container called "kara kara", and drunk from a small cup called "choko".

2.gAwamorihon the rocks; Pour gAwamorihover ice. Enjoy this cold drink with the
well-matured taste.

3.Diluted with water; The most popular way of drinking is to dilute gAwamorihwith water.The sweet flavor unique to gAwamorih is brought out to its advantage when the drink is diluted. But suitable proportion is not uniformly same in varieties of brands and strength of alcohol and the taste. Add water little by little, and find your best proportion.

4.Cocktails; Since gAwamorihis a crystal-clear spirit, it is suitable for cooktails. Enjoy the variety of beautiful gAwamorihcocktails.
@ "Awamori Tonic"
"Awamori" 15 ml
@Tonic water to taste
@Lime 1/4.
1Awamori Tonic
@ "Sakura (Cherry blossoms)"
@"Awamori" 40 ml
@Apricot brandy 10 ml
@Lemon juice 10 ml
@Creme de cassis tsp 1
@ "Goya Cocktail"
@"Awamori" 45 ml
@White curacao 15 ml
@Lemon juice 15 ml
@Syrup 15 ml
@Sliced Goya (bitter gourd) 2 to 3 slices
3Goya Cocktail
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