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Mature "Awamori"
In East and Southeast Asia, "Koji-mold(aspelligus)h is used for making alcohol. Japanese traditional distilled spirit"shochuh mainly produced in Kyushu area, whereas "Black koji-mold(aspelligus)" is used exclusively for "Awamori".
Black koji-mold helps create strong citric acid as like sour lemon protecting "Moromi (main mash)" from contamination caused by germs. "Awamori," fermented with Black koji- mold is thus ideal for the subtropical climate of Okinawa.

Features of "Awamori"
"Awamori" has nearly 600years of proud history and is the oldest distilled spirits in Japan. The techniques used to make awamori made their way into mainland Japan via Satsuma (present Kagoshima) and led to the development of "Shochu". Awamori is distilled by a unique manufacturing method: First moldy rice(koji rice)is produced by adding Black koji-mold to rice. Koji rice added with water are then fermented to produce alcohol, and distilled in pot stills. This basic method has been followed neary600 years or so. The result is 100% pure alcohol with no additives. After distillation, the spirit is stored for an extended time to improve in mellowness since its taste and aroma are enriched by natural aging process.

gAwamorih is produced by using high quality long grain rice from Thailand, and Black koji-mold indigenous to Okinawa. Being 100% natural, with no additives, gAwamorih tastes smooth and causes no annoying hangover. Aging increases its mellowness and flavor. "Awamori" aged three or more years is called "Kusu."(age awamori)
The main material of"Awamori" is long grain rice from Thailand.
Black koji-mold are sprinkled and scattered over steamed rice which is then maintained at around 100F(40) to produce Koji rice. This takes about 40 hours

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