【French Competition】Winners in Various Categories at Kura Master 2024!

イベント情報 ニュースリリース


The results of "Kura Master" a competition for Japanese alcoholic beverages in the French market, have been announced.
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Here, we list the "Platinum Award" and "Gold Award" winners in each category.

■ Awamori Category
・Platinum Award
"Rough Filtered Matsufuji" Matsufuji Co., Ltd.
"Red Matsufuji" Matsufuji Co., Ltd.
"Tsuki no Joryujo" Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd.
・Gold Award
"shimmer#18 Matsufuji Black Koji Fungus Inui Strain Awamori No.1 Yeast Brewed Unprocessed Awamori"
 Matsufuji Co., Ltd., Nanto Liquor Corporation.
"shimmer#6 Kumejima Sake Yeast Mahoroba Gin Brew" Nanto Liquor Corporation.
"3-Year Old Kusu Tatsu" Kin Shuzo Co., Ltd.
"Takoyama HAPPY MOUNTAIN 24 degrees 720ml" Sakimoto Awamori Distillery.
"Nakijin Castle" Nakijin Distillery Co., Ltd.

■ Variety Category
・Platinum Award
"shimmer#10 Awamori Haneji-grown Hitomebore 50% / Iwate-grown Millet 50%"
 Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd. Nanto Liquor Corporation.

■ Prestige Koji Spirits Category
・Gold Award
"Nakijin IMUGE. Unprocessed Spirit" Nakijin Distillery Co., Ltd.

Additionally, the "Top Brands of Authentic Shochu and Awamori Competition" are listed, from which the higher-ranking Jury Prize and President's Prize will be decided!

Congratulations to all the award-winning distilleries!!!
Everyone, please enjoy the Awamori that has been recognized in France!!!